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Current Project

Hungry Ghost

The piece I am working on is entitled, "Hungry Ghost." It is a one-person performance piece about a guy who has been a jerk for most of his life, and he has come to a crossroad in that he has to find out why he is the way he is. I designed it out, for video, in ten episodes (in the story it’s chapters.)  With each chapter, the persona of the character is peeled away like an onion.  We find out at the same time he is remembering that the reason he has had issues is that several traumatic events happen to him as a child and that he has been repressing and also being a victim at the same time.  The shape of the piece is like stand-up comedy. It mixes absurd humor with some darker aspects of human nature. Imagine if Freud was Scrooge's therapist.

I am taking a multi-channel approach to this piece. I will be filming it in hopes to put it on some online channel. I am trying to get it ready to perform it (in a digested manner) at some fringe festivals in 2019. I am also submitting an audio version to storytelling conferences. I’m even thinking of providing it as a book.